Every woman is a Beauty with an inner Beast

Welcome! All beauties have an inner beast and it’s our goal to showcase that strength, beauty, and sass in the most stylish way! Check out our products and flaunt your beauty in style. 

Why we are here....

It is our mission to empower women to reach their full potential, through fitness, education and add the occasional laugh to their daily life! We strive to provide the best quality service and give you every reason to comeback looking for more joy to add to your life. Our merchandise is designed to enhance your lifestyle, add laughs to everyday life and give you something stylish to step out in. We provide bold statement pieces, exercise enhancing gear and active wear that keeps you comfortable and turns heads! Please feel free to add any additional feedback that we could use to enhance your experience! ❤️

Great fit, nice quality! Def true to size! 

Jarvis Buchanan
Military Service member

About Us

Natalie Dampeer

Owner of Beautiful Beast Fitness LLC

Beautiful Beast Fitness llc was started in 2017 by Natalie Dampeer. She created this company as she saw a need to educate women on how to take charge of their health, find credible Fitness Trainers and gather the necessary tools to carry forward lifestyle changes that stick! She had been a certified personal trainer since 2011, holds a bachelor’s degree in Fitness Management and a Master’s in Education. She has been in the Army since 2006 serving as Drill Sergeant from 2014-2017. This merchandise is an extension of her personality and the joy she has using her gifts to brighten the lights of women across the world!